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Our team at edQuire are passionate about educational technology and about delivering a product that can bring about exciting teaching and learning opportunities in classrooms around the world.

Founded by Dr. Michael Cejnar, a Sydney cardiologist and dynamic entrepreneur, FIC Technology began operations in 2011. Since then, we have been developing our software to leverage the broad scientific field of Learning Analytics to understand and improve the learning behaviour of students.

The FIC Technology suite of software is designed to enable educators, parents and students to measure, analyse and positively improve the use of digital technology in learning. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia we are a fast growing company supported by a list of like-minded business partners, advisory board members, and enthusiastic team members sharing a common goal of helping the next generation to make the best use of the internet and computers.

Industry Connections.

AWS EdStart
Amazon Web Services EdStart

AWS EdStart is designed to help entrepreneurs

build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions on the AWS Cloud.


Edval is a master timetabling product.
It streamlines a school’s entire scheduling process
and generates customised, highly detailed timetables
in minutes. From the completely automated schedules,
to manual allocations, Edval can facilitate it all.

LISS Standard

LISS is an interoperability standard designed for K-12 schools, to connect Timetable applications (and potentially other applications) to Student Information Systems / School Admin Systems. It is a web-based protocol based on JSON.
The goal is that the combined system should
act semantically as if it was a single system.


Studentnet has been assisting schools since 1996 and became a separate business in 2008. Studentnet are dedicated to the needs of educators, students, parents, IT staff and school communities. Privacy and security are designed into their products from conception through to delivery. Studentnet's commitment is widely recognised in the areas of security, privacy and innovation.

Solar Society for Learning
Analytics Research

The Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR) is
an inter-disciplinary network of leading international researchers who are exploring the role and impact of analytics on teaching, learning, training and development. SoLAR has been active in organizing the International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK) and the Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI), launching multiple initiatives to support collaborative and open research around learning analytics, promoting the publication and dissemination of learning analytics research, and advising and consulting with state,
provincial, and national governments.

QAssure Chamber of Commerce
and Industry Queensland

Business Ready QAssure is a digital service developed and managed by CCIQ – Queensland’s peak business body. Business Ready QAssure is an accreditation process which seeks to easily connect contract ready and qualified ICT suppliers with public and private sector organisations seeking their services.  Business Ready QAssure is a free digital service developed and managed by CCIQ – Queensland’s peak business body. edQuire is
pleased to announce that we are a ‘GITC’ and a
‘CCIQ QAssure’ accredited supplier with the
State of Queensland


KAMAR is a complete School Administration Package written for Schools in New Zealand, to assist teachers in the day-to-day recording and reporting of student information during their time at school. KAMAR has a friendly and easy to use interface. Novice users are up and running within minutes, easily, with minimal training, but still providing the features required by any school (or power users) to meet daily requirements from an Administration system.
Any school can use KAMAR as their school
administration system.


Unit 41, 159 Arthur Street, Homebush West, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2140

Tel: (+612) 9787 3352

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