Improve engagement
and reduce distraction

  • Discover insights into student engagement and distractibility.

  • Be empowered with continuous feedback into student computer learning.

  • Know more about student computer learning and 21st Century ICT skills.

Real Time School Learning Analytics

edQuire gives actionable evidence-based data, simplified.

Our unique engine does the work for you

Our autonomous and continuous engine categorises student
computer activities
into education and entertainment.

A simple colour code
is applied to student

activities to identify
engagement levels.

Live Classroom


Helping you measure engagement is simple, glance-able and actionable.


Our live classroom instantly updates student activity as an engagement colour
every 10 seconds.

Student Analytics Reporting


edQuire analytics transforms your student ICT learning into
remarkable insights.

Reporting in edQuire allows you to measures 3 key areas for effective ICT Learning; Engagement, Resource Use, and ICT Skills

Insights into

Our data allows you to link student ICT learning with educational outcomes.

Proven evidence based insights for schools to improve student and school strategies surrounding ICT
learning and Policy

Interested in knowing
more about edQuire?


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