12 Ways to become a successful learner

Australia's Mitchell Institute has outlined 12 ways to be a more #successful #learner.

These include: - Creativity - Empathy - Openness to experience - Social Competencies - Humility - Tolerance of Diverse Opinions - Attentiveness - Metacognitive strategies - Perseverance - Trust - Engaging productively in society ...and my favourite - Self-perception

Knowing how you are doing, and having a true sense of how you are tracking with your learning is essential. With edQuire, students are able to see how well their #ICT skills are developing, and in doing so, are able work to improve where needed. Students don't have to wait for their teacher to tell them what to improve or what they are doing well, nor do they have to wait for their semester reports - they can see it for themselves, in real time.

How are your students self monitoring?

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