Artificial Intelligence In Schools

AI is changing the way we live, the way we learn, and now, it’s changing the way we teach. AI mightn’t be new terminology or a new idea, but for many schools, the idea of using AI in their classrooms is definitely new, and can be a little daunting.

The AI application called edQuire learns what websites and other digital media are educational, and what ones are not. Its learning analytics engine categorises digital content into ‘On Task’ or ‘Off Task’ activities, and as the engine grows, so too does it’s AI capabilities.

What’s the point of it? What makes it different from other learning analytics software?

Developed in Australia, edQuire is the only true AI learning engine of its kind. After it determines the category of task that each student is engaged in, it displays this, in actual and real time, on the teachers laptop, in a simple to read, colour coded format that is readable by merely glancing at it.

And what’s more, this software can be used on school provided devices, or on BYOD.

The icing on the cake is that because it’s in real time and discrete, your students will be less likely to wander onto an off task activity, their learning time will be spent more productively, and you, as a teacher and school leader, will know that your students are spending more time actively engaging in their lessons.

In a world where a teacher’s Duty of Care around digital technology and their students is more important than ever before, can you afford NOT to have edQuire in your classroom?


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