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Education isn’t always experienced in a classroom, school or formal setting. Often what a child needs goes beyond the traditional education that NESA has prescribed. Sometimes our youth simply can’t focus on school curriculum until they’ve learnt and experienced life’s fundamentals and learnt a bit more about themselves, their self worth, and the society in which they live. Sometimes what our kids need is someone who is willing and able to go the extra mile, to never give up on them, and to teach them life long skills that will benefit not only themselves, but their community.

Backtrack Youth Works does just that. Their model is based on clear principles.

They accept young people that schools, youth services and VET providers normally cannot retain in their systems. This demographic is often described as the intractable five per cent.

“We provide a positive environment where personal development, peer support, acceptance, trust, tolerance and stability replaces the uncertainty and negativity that has pervaded these young people’s lives. We offer the concept of success, work readiness, skills training and community engagement that engenders confidence and a sense of wellbeing.


Each individual regardless of their background, experiences, level of schooling or social circumstance, is capable of developing the skills and capacity to achieve their goals. One of the roles of the BackTrack staff is to develop individual goals with young people. At some stage every participant of BackTrack is asked and expected to participate in some type of formal qualification development while in the programs. We set it up that it is the “having a go” that is the achievement as much as the outcome itself and in doing so achieve great results.”

Backtrack Youth Works has an 87% success rate when it comes to education, training, and employment. But real program success for them is seeing the change in the kids.

Take a look at their website, - you’ll be inspired, humbled and in awe of the dedication, love and care they show to the 5% of kids that the rest of the education system has given up on.


Unit 41, 159 Arthur Street, Homebush West, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2140

Tel: (+612) 9787 3352

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