Being smart about phones

Parents are taking the school phone bans into their OWN hands. Parents want their kids to be able to contact them through the day, and likewise, they want to be able to contact their kids if needed. We live in a world where this is possible, and many parents feel that this is something they should be allowed to do. Schools, however, feel differently.

"Ms McLean (Cyber safety expert) said restricting students’ access to smartphones during school days was important to limit distractions maintain security in schools, and help them to connect with their peers in the playground." - Daily Telegraph, Sept 23, 2019

There's no doubt smartphone usage by kids can get out of control. I have 3 teenagers, I know the reality. However, as a teacher, I also know their potential to be a positive tool in their education.

Rather than parents fighting schools to allow their kids access to their mobile devices, why not bring back some harmony on this issue and manage the usage of technology in schools? It's not only possible, the technology is available NOW. It's here, my friends, and it's up to our schools to use this technology to manage the technology, not ban it out of fear of the unknown.

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