Blended learning combines the traditional classroom teaching methods with digital media. The students are still present in an actual classroom (which makes it different from online learning), but the teaching practices are provided in combination with computer-mediated activities. The blended learning approach is important because it breaks down the traditional teaching practice, that doesn’t work for all students.

Teachers can now tailor the learning experience for each student, thanks to modern technology, and even though they are required to spend some time to choose safe online resources, the advantages definitely outweigh the drawbacks.

Here are ten reasons why educators should use BL in the classroom:

1. It engages students, as they actively participate in the activities, asking questions and discussing their opinions.

2. It helps students gain new skills, as they have to do online research and check and verify their findings.

3. Knowledge building is ongoing, and teachers can assess it every day, without having to wait for tests.

4. It allows students to work at their own pace, making sure they fully understand new concepts before moving on.

5. It provides students with more opportunities for collaboration.

6. It covers all learning styles through a variety of media.

7. It enables students to track their progress.

8. It promotes student autonomy and offers a large sense of responsibility.

9. It improves students’ computer literacy.

10. It makes learning truly personalised.


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