School autonomy is globally debated as an essential requirement for achieving better educational outcomes, as well as more efficient and productive school operations.

What is educational data, and how can it support data-driven decision making in schools?

Data is a powerful tool to inform, engage, and create opportunities for students along their education journey, as it can help teachers make connections that lead to insights and improvements. Data-driven decision-making in schools refers to a continuous cycle of identifying, collecting, combining, analysing, interpreting, and acting upon educational data from different sources, in order to report, evaluate and improve the resources, the processes and the outcomes of schools.

Should teachers be data literate?

Data literacy is considered a core competency for supporting school accountability, and continuous self-evaluation and improvement. Data literacy for teachers refers to the competence set required to identify, collect, combine, analyse, interpret and act upon educational data from different sources, with the aim of continuously improving the teaching, learning and assessment process. However, although teachers’ digital competence has expanded, being data literate is certainly a big demand on teachers.

How can we ensure data is used in classrooms, without impacting on teachers’ workload?

We can use data analytics technologies, which are essential for efficient and effective educational data-driven decision-making, easy to use, and with no impact on teachers’ workload. edQuire AI’s learning analytics software enables teachers to use data to monitor students’ activity in real time by glancing at a colour coded dashboard, having therefore an immediate feedback on classroom activity. Thanks to our software, teachers are able to discover patterns within student data, predict future trends in students’ progress, plan and adjust teaching and learning actions.

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