Coz we are living in a digital world...

"Kids are living in the same world we live in. The world where grownups check their phones more than 50 times a day. Screens are a part of children's lives, and if we pretend that they aren't, or if we get overwhelmed by our fear, kids are never going to learn how and why to use them. What is we start raising our expectations for this media. What if we start talking to kids regularly about the content on these screens. What if we start looking for the positive impacts that this technology can have on our children's lives. That's when the potential of these tools can become a reality."

Let's TEACH our kids about the positives of technology. Let's allow them to LEARN about how THEY use technology to benefit their OWN learning. Let's EMPOWER them to be the best they can by knowing the how and why of their own technology usage.

How? #edQuire.…/sara_dewitt_3_fears_about_screen_time…


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