Whilst some schools have implemented restrictions on students' mobile phones use, some educators are cautious against all-out bans, saying the phones can be useful and help parents stay in touch during emergencies.

Elizabeth Kline, vice president for education of Common Sense Media said that educators should "have a plan, not a ban." She pointed out that "there isn't a real reason to have a ban, but there is absolutely a big need to have clear guidelines and guidance for both students and parents around personal devices".

Mobiles are an important teaching tool: students can create their own videos with them, and teachers can integrate special apps for understanding concepts or investigating questions. Also, some students may not have laptops—or even internet connectivity—at home, so their mobiles may be the only way they can complete some technology-focused assignments.

By absolutely prohibiting mobiles, schools could miss out on an opportunity to teach their students how to use the devices responsibly.

Let edQuire help you teach your students how to use devices responsibly.


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