Lindfield Learning Village is one of NSW’s most innovative schools, bringing exciting new challenges for staff and students.

As Stephanie McConnell, the school’s first principal, said, “People are looking for something different for their children”, adding that the school is different to traditional classrooms in almost every way – from the physical spaces, which are flexible, to the approach to learning, which is project based.

Instead of a traditional model of classrooms of students being instructed by teachers, students at Lindfield are co-taught in stage groups, with teachers guiding students through individualised programs and projects.

One of the myths about Lindfield Learning Village is that it is completely unstructured and “students are just set free to do whatever they like”, but the truth is, as Ms McConnell pointed out, that teachers instead put a large amount of work into ensuring students have choice and freedom in their learning.

It is a new approach, certainly challenging, but it has proven already to be extremely popular with students and parents. We at edQuire believe in personalised, motivational learning.

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