Like to use learning analytics to personalise learning?

Providing learning analytics to schools across Asia Pacific, we work with schools to turn their learning analytics data into better classroom outcomes.

Are your teachers personalising learning based on learning data?

Here are our tips to getting started:

Tip 1. Capture Engagement data

Schools that capture data on learning are better equipped to help teachers understand how they can personalise learning. Without a tool for this teachers are relying on 'gut-feel' or things like engagement surveys and student self-evaluations.

Understanding student engagement data is the key to personalising learning.

Tip 2. Combine data from various activity sources

Using data from multiple sources helps paint a more detailed picture for teachers. The best schools use data from timetables, website & app activity of students, learning management systems, and outcomes data to gain a better understanding of learner engagement and performance.

Armed with this, teachers are able to personalise learning based on a 360 degree view of their students.

Tip 3. Create visualisations not reports

Understanding data is the key to improving performance.

By providing teachers with easy to understand, actionable data to understand engagement in real time, teachers can adjust teaching to suit learning styles and engagement levels.

The most important aspect of these visualisations is the need to be simple, glanceable and quickly inform teachers engagement


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