Concerned about effective use of time and resources with online and distance learning?

Australian schools are playing a waiting game. Students and teachers are preparing to work remotely using digital devices and online learning. Schools are on a steep learning curve with how to manage this form of teaching, and while we have the technology to make this form of teaching and learning happen, are we equipped to make sure that our students are using their devices in an appropriate and safe manner while being largely unsupervised?

The issue we have is the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the shutdown of schools and universities around the world. The problem is that many teachers and schools are unable to ensure that students are attentive and doing effective work on their devices during their scheduled school time at home.

The solution is edQuire. edQuire is able to put teachers and schools concerns to rest, and has been adopted by schools in Australia, Singapore and NZ to effectively monitor the use of digital content, both locally and through the internet, on students' laptops at set times. edQuire has the technology and means of delivery to help isolated and quarantined students during this crisis.

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