Students benefit greatly from challenging opportunities like project-based learning. Recent studies show that almost all students are capable of brain growth and change, when they are exposed to engaging learning experiences. Using PBL can invigorate the learning environment, empowering and engaging students as they explore authentic, real-world challenges.

In recent years, PBL has become an important instructional approach because it includes many components that are believed to promote learning, such as: collaboration, inquiry, critical and creative thinking, self-directed learning, technology integration. PBL engages learners with meaningful learning activities, it accommodates different learning styles, it prompts students to collaborate, and it creates learning opportunities where students can really show their strengths.

Most PBL is carried out through tasks that require a great usage of computers and Internet. The integration of technology can make teachers feel overwhelmed, as it is another thing that they have to do, on top of their already heavy workload. However, the benefits to integrating technology into curriculum using PBL are just too good to miss.

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