According to the study of more than 2000 NSW and Victorian students, published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, the benefits of having more positive relationships with teachers are far more significant than the impacts of negative relationships for students, and can shape their overall educational aspirations.

High school students with more positive than negative relationships with their teachers are more likely to participate in class and enjoy school, new research has found. The study's lead author and a professor of educational psychology at UNSW, Andrew Martin, said. "Teachers are under a lot of pressure and when we're under stress, sometimes relationships can also come under strain. Teachers value relationships with students but it's not always easy to build in pedagogy" he said.

It is important to build positive relationships with students, but teachers are often juggling a growing administrative workload alongside their pedagogical role. How can teachers get to know their students better, and build stronger relationships? Do teachers know their students well enough to engage them, or are they failing them?

"With almost everything we teach, we are always faced with two very different challenges. One, what are we doing to unlock the passions and skills of the 10 percent (or so) of the kids who either already are or could become so passionate about our subject that it becomes their course of study past their K-12 education? And two, what are we doing for the other 90 percent of the kids? Why is it important that they are taking the class?”

This quote by Chris Lehmann and Zac Chase from their book Building School 2.0 raises important issues for teachers. Teachers are required to provide personalized learning to each student to make it possible for them to achieve their full potentials, but how can they do it? Teachers’ workload has increased in recent years, leaving little time left for them to concentrate on their students’ needs, which is ultimately the most important factor in good teaching and effective learning.

How can I, as a teacher, get to know my students better? How can I discover what their passions are, and engage them more during class? How can I understand what their difficulties are, and help them? How can I know if a student is distracted because s/he is bored, struggling, and need extra guidance, or simply finished earlier and needs extra activities?

Learning analytics can do this for us! By gathering and analysing students’ digital movements, learning analytics can elaborate information in meaningful ways, and make it available to teachers.

edQuire AI’s learning analytics software enables teachers to use data to monitor students’ activity in real time by glancing at a colour coded dashboard, having therefore an immediate feedback on classroom activity. Thanks to our software, teachers are able to discover patterns within student data, predict future trends in students’ progress, plan and adjust teaching and learning actions with no impact on their workload. Using edQuire’s software makes it possible for teachers to get to know their students better, and help them achieve their full potential.


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