The 7 Fundamentals of Learning

The Chronicle of Higher Education ( has come up with 7 fundamental conditions that must exist if people are to learn.

They are:

1. Awareness 2. Interest 3. Motivation 4. Relevance 5. Engagement 6. Reinforcement 7. Support

Providing all 7 conditions for learning can be tough. After all, what motivates one doesn't motivate all. What interests Jim may not interest Jane. And how do you know what support Kim needs when she seems to be on task most of the time, doing what she should be doing? How can you know the level of engagement of every. single. student, when they appear to be quietly working away on their laptop?

An AI based learning analytics software installed onto devices that are used in the classroom could be the answer you need to solve these problems.

Talk to us at edQuire to see how your students, your teachers and your school can benefit. edQuire can be installed on BYOD and school provided devices, and allows both teachers and students to see how they're use of ICT is benefiting their learning.

Go to to learn more.

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