Turning learning analytics into better classroom outcomes

What we’ve learned this term.

The 3 most effective things we’ve seen teachers do to help improve learner engagement.

Tip 1. Get to know your students by collecting and using data.

Why? Teachers who can relate to their learners, can utilise their interests to try and make learning content interesting and relevant.

How? Discover your students’ likes and dislikes by asking them to complete the “All About Me” survey and have fun with your lesson planning by incorporating students’ interests.

Tip 2. Variety is the spice of life

Why? Variety helps give students different opportunities to explore learning.

How? Create captivating lessons with resources!

Take a look at a few resources and programs

1. Scootle

2. Kahoot


4. OER

5. Yenka

We’ve found these are great when learners have disengaged

Tip 3. Ready, Set, Goals

Why? Understanding student performance and learning growth helps teachers better understand student capabilities and progresses.

How? Develop attainable goals for students in regards to behaviours and learning

Provide feedback on performance and continually instruct


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